winterisation Stefos yacht services winterisation service

As the sailing season comes to an end it is time for all yacht owners to start thinking about protecting their investment. A wet winter can lead to damage that can ruin the excitement of launching next spring so properly winterising a yacht takes on special significance and can assure a trouble free launch. For yacht owners who wish to have their yacht prepared for the winter Stefos Yacht Services are pleased to offer their winterisation services. Works undertaken include:

  • Power wash underwater ship, propeller & shaft
  • Engine winter service
  • Generator winter service
  • Outboard winter service
  • Fuel tank top up
  • Sail removal, folding and storage
  • Internal textile items removal and storage
  • General yacht Lay-up

Depending on the needs of the yacht, additional services are also available before covering the yacht with the appropriate winter covers or weather proof tarpaulin cover for the winter months. Whether your yacht is a motor cruiser, a small sailing dinghy or a classic sailing boat, you can be sure that the Stefos Yacht Services team are dedicated to making your entire yachting experience hassle free and have the necessary experience to prepare and look after your boat safely over the winter months.