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In your absence, Stefos Yacht Services will be carefully safeguarding your investment. Our staff and maintenance personnel will check up on your yacht on a regular basis and monitor all the vital systems. Below is a comprehensive list of services included in our guardianage program. Additionally, Stefos Yacht Services can tailor a program to suit every yacht owners requirements.

The standard Guardianage Program Stefos Yacht Services offers is listed below.
For more comprehensive and Premium programs please contact

Stefos Yacht Services GUARDIANAGE PROGRAM (Standard)

Boat Afloat

  • Inspection of mooring and stern lines (daily)
  • Periodically checking for water in bilges and engine. Checking for leakages.
  • Running of engine or engines every 15 days
  • Charging of batteries
  • Checking/securing of all covers
  • Ventilation of vessel every 15 days (weather permitting)
  • Checking of electrical installation
  • Cleaning/washing of deck prior the arrival of owner/guests

Boat On Dry Dock

Items 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of Boat Afloat